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Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. once again leads a collaborative movement with the country’s favorite food establishments to spread awareness about mushrooms and breast cancer.



MANILA, Philippines - 10 September 2013: October 2013 marks the 1st year Anniversary of Mushrooms Go Pink PH Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.


Last year Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. collaborated with thirty well-lauded restaurants and food brands around Metro Manila and the surrounding areas to create and serve dishes with locally grown oyster mushrooms to help raise food awareness for cancer prevention while raining funds for the ICanServe Foundation.


“We at Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. are all about giving back through mushrooms, and joining the fight against the world’s leading killer of women, breast cancer, is one very important way we do,” shares Ministry of Mushroom, Inc. president Marco Lobregat.


Mushrooms have long been regarded as one of nature's super-foods. They are one of few the natural food sources of Vitamin D and other key nutrients such as Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin) B3 (Niacin) plus selenium and potassium while remaining low in calories and mostly fat and cholesterol free. Mushrooms contain natural substances such as polysaccharides, which stimulate the body's immune system to fight off infection during times of stress.


Today, mushrooms are the main focus of many ongoing scientific studies as there is strong evidence that some properties may ultimately lead to breast cancer prevention and elimination.

Through the campaign we hope to see the city filled with mushrooms to remind us that the food we cherish can also be what saves our lives and the lives of those who we love around us.


Last year the dishes for campaign revolved around locally grown fresh oyster mushrooms. This year the edible representations become more exciting as restaurants can use other locally grown mushrooms now supplied by Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. (Fresh Oyster, Abalone, Fresh Wood Ear Mushrooms and Milky Mushrooms).


The campaign runs for the whole month of October, starting the 1st. 10% of the cost of each special dish with mushrooms purchased will be donated to ICANServe Foundation through the Mushrooms Go Pink PH campaign. Some restaurants may choose to continue the campaign all the way up to December to help raise more funds and awareness, while some favorites make it to their menus permanently.


Over 50 of your favorite restaurants and food establishments are joining us this year. Let the mushrooms take you around the world as they are transformed into Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Swiss, Italian, French and other internationally inspired culinary flavors. Go restaurant hopping to try all the dishes and to support the cause!


Get social and spread the awareness by taking photos of these great dishes and restaurants and posting your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram #MushroomsGoPinkPH


 This will be one ShroOm trip you won’t forget!